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The Exploding Editor is a platform-agnostic game development tool that can ease the process of developing 2D games, especially (but not exclusively) pixel art games. Its purpose is to generate data (in the JSON format) that can be used in a game engine of your choice. (It is not an art-creation tool.)

It features a grid-based sprite slicing system, a color palette editor, a tilemap editor, an animation editor, and more all encompassed in a simple interface. I originally made it for personal use, so every feature was added for a purpose. This is why it is such a light-weight, but powerful application.

It will be released for Windows and Mac, and I can do a Linux version if there is interest. Feel free to discuss this project with me on Twitter or post questions in the comments.

Development log


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You project looks really cool. This could make development with game frameworks a lot more convenient.

Having a Linux version would be very nice.

Yes the whole point of everything being in JSON is that you can use it with any framework. I hope I can get around to releasing it but I am finishing up a game project first.